CS-2060 -- Web Development and Programming (Fall 2018)

Course Objectives

In this course, students learn to create websites that involve server-side scripting and database operations. While one specific scripting language is used to acquire web development and programming skills, students are exposed to a spectrum of scripting languages, enabling them to easily adapt to others.

Computer Requirement

To take this course, a student should have a personal computer which can be used to accomplish course work. Although University does have computer labs, a student's personal computer is still necessary for this course. The reasons are: (1) students cannot install software on lab computers; (2) students cannot safely keep their personal files on lab computers.

This computer can be either a laptop or a desktop (tablets are not recommended). We do not specify the Operating System running on the computer, but keep in mind that demos and software will be based on Windows. Information on other Operating Systems will be provided when it is possible, but not guaranteed.

A student may take this course without such a computer, but the University and the Instructor are not responsible to provide such environment for his/her course work. The course evaluation will not be altered because a student does not have such a computer.

Course Information