DCFS 2016 - Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems will be held in Bucharest, Romania, July 6-8, 2016.

In 2002 DCFS was the result of the merger of DCAGRS (Descriptional Complexity of Automata, Grammars and Related Structures) and FDSR (Formal Descriptions and Software Reliability).

Since 2002 DCFS was held succesively in London, Ontario, Canada (2002), Budapest, Hungary (2003), London, Ontario, Canada (2004), Como, Italy, EU (2005), Las Cruces, US (2006), and Novy Smokovek (High Tatras), Slovakia, EU (2007), Charlottetown, Canada (2008), Magdeburg, Germany, EU (2009), Saskatoon, Canada (2010) Giessen, Germany, EU (2011), Porto, Portugal, EU (2012), London, Ontario, Canada (2013), Turku, Finland, EU (2014), Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (2015).

DCFS 2016 working conference will be jointly organized by the IFIP Working Group 1.2 on Descriptional Complexity and the Department of Computer Science of University of Bucharest.

The working conference is sponsored by the Department of Computer Science of University of Bucharest and other sponsors.

DCFS 2016 will take place immediately after and before