18th International Conference on Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems
Bucharest, Romania July 5-8, 2016
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Submissions concerning the descriptional complexity of formal systems and structures (and its applications) are invited for DCFS 2016. Topics related to all aspects of descriptional complexity, include, but are not limited to:

  • various modes of operations and complexity measures for automata, grammars, languages and of related systems
  • succinctness of description of objects, state-explosion-like phenomena
  • trade-offs between descriptional complexity and mode of operation
  • circuit complexity of Boolean functions and related measures
  • succinctness of description of (finite) objects
  • descriptional complexity in resource-bounded or structure-bounded environments
  • complexity aspects related to the combinatorics of words
  • structural complexity of formal systems as related to descriptional complexity
  • descriptional complexity of formal systems for applications (e.g. software reliability, software and hardware testing, modelling of natural languages)
  • descriptional complexity aspects of nature-motivated (bio-inspired) architectures and unconventional models of computing
  • frontiers between decidability and undecidability
  • universality and reversibility
  • Blum Static (Kolmogorov/Chaitin) complexity, algorithmic information

In accordance with the spirit of a working conference, the program committee will try to accept as many papers as possible, provided that their scientific quality is high and merits acceptance. If the number of such papers exceeds the number of time slots for "regular" presentation, the program committee will try to accept some papers as "short" papers.


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