18th International Conference on Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems
Bucharest, Romania July 5-8, 2016
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Travelling Information


Please note that citizens of certain countries need a visa to enter Romania. If you need a visa, we encourage you to register early. You may need the e-mail confirmation of acceptance to the conference for a visa application.

Access to Bucharest

Air connections to Bucharest

Bucharest has direct connections with all major European cities.

Driving to Bucharest

A map of Romania can be found using Google maps. However, for driving to Bucharest you have many possibilities:

  • From Hungary:
    • Budapest → Szolnok → Oradea → Cluj → Brașov → Ploiești → București (following E60, using a small portion of A3), Or
    • Budapest → Szeged → Arad/Timișoara → Deva → Sibiu → Râmnicu-Vâlcea → Pitești → București (following E68, partially on A1/A6)
  • From Moldova/Ukraine:
    Iași/Suceava → Roman → Bacău → Buzău București (E85)
  • From Bulgaria, using the route:
    Ruse → Giurgiu → București (60km)(E70)
  • From Serbia, using the route:
    Timișoara, then A1/A6 (see above) or Drobeta-Turnu Severin → Craiova → Pitești → București (E70/E574/E68)

Arriving in Bucharest by plane

International Airport: Otopeni, aka Henri Coandă — International, airport code is OTP or BUH for all Bucharest airports. Henri Coandă airport is located 10 Km North from the city entrance.

Transport to the city area from the airport:

After you check out your luggage, you can go to the exit and :

  • take a taxi to your hotel
    A taxi must be ordered from a dedicated terminal screen installed in the airport. You can select the taxi company and the price/km (all of them should be approximately 1.5 RON/km). Once selected, you must get in front of the building and look for the car you ordered (taxi company and the number on the car — not the registration number!), and show the ticket to the taxi driver. In case the taxi selected takes another passenger by mistake, or does not wait for you, just order another one from the same terminal. Taking other offerings as a taxi to the city, other than you ordered from the terminal, is not recommended.
  • take public transportation
    RATB, lines 780 (To Gara Basarab — train station), or 783 (to Piata Unirii — City center).
  • Rent a car (expensive! unless with a local company, but not highly recommended).

Arriving in Bucharest by Train:

  • The Railway Station for international arrivals is "Gara de Nord", Bucharest.
  • It is located near the center of the city (North). You can check the trains arriving in Bucharest here.
  • From "Gara de Nord", you can take:

You can also check the Bucharest public transit map

Have a nice and safe trip to Bucharest!


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