10th International Workshop on Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems
Charlottetown, CANADA July 16-18, 2008
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Before the submission

We provide the following files (similar to the ones provided in the previous year):

  • The Guidebook for Authors: PDF PS
  • The Quick Guidebook for Authors: PS, PDF
  • The dcfs2008 class file: cls
  • A dcfs2008 example file: tex, pdf. ps
Compiling your tex source without using the sub class option will help you prepare your paper for the submission. Do not submit files which have been compiled without this option, since by default it does not hide any confidential information.

The paper (without the information page) should not exceed 12 pages (appendix included), using 11-point font with ample margins, and should provide sufficient detail to allow the program committee to evaluate its validity, quality, and relevance. If appropriate, detailed proofs should be attached as an appendix.

Preparing and sending your submission

Compile your tex source using the sub class option. This will hide any confidential information. Convert you dvi file to either a pdf or ps format.

The subject of your submission email should start with:
DCFS2008-Submission and may contain another alphanumeric string identifying the paper (for example, the last name of the corresponding author). Paper identifier is optional and, if present, must be preceded by at least one space. Its presence will help us to better manage the submissions.

Authors are asked to submit their contributions as two separate attachments:

  1. The paper in either a pdf or ps format compiled with the sub class option on, i.e., not containing any confidential information.
  2. A plain ascii *.txt file containing
    • confidential information, i.e., name(s) of author(s), their address(es) and email(s), with clearly marked corresponding author, and
    • title, abstract, and keywords. (A copy and past from your *.tex file will do).

After the submission

Shortly after your submission you should receive a confirmation e-mail (automated) containing the time and date when your files were received. If the subject starts with anything else than DCFS2008-Submission , the system will not reply. Since every email is checked for viruses and SPAM, it may take a while until you receive the first confirmation. Please, wait at least several minutes before a second attempt.

The Co-Chairs will verify the integrity of the attached files and will send you another confirmation message later.

Final Version Submission

For the final version, we don't have an automatic reply system. Since we have to process every file, we will send you an acknowledgment as soon as we process your message.

Files must be submitted by email to before the due date

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