10th International Workshop on Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems
Charlottetown, CANADA July 16-18, 2008
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  1. On Two Hierarchies of Subregularly Tree Controlled Languages
    by Juergen Dassow and Bianca Truthe
  2. State-Complexity Hierarchies of Uniform Languages of Alphabet-Size Length
    by Janusz Brzozowski and Stavros Konstantinidis
  3. An Efficient Derivation Method for DT0L Systems and a Measure of Derivation Complexity
    by Takashi Emori and Taishin Y. Nishida
  4. Watson-Crick automata: determinism and state complexity
    by Elena Czeizler, Eugen Czeizler, Lila Kari, and Kai Salomaa
  5. Estimation of State Complexity of Combined Operations
    by Zoltan Esik, Yuan Gao, Guangwu Liu, and Sheng Yu
  6. On Leftmost #-Rewriting Systems
    by Maria Paola Bianchi and Beatrice Palano
  7. Operational State Complexity of Nested Automata
    by Xiaoxue Piao and Kai Salomaa
  8. Language Operations with Regular Expressions of Polynomial Size
    by Hermann Gruber and Markus Holzer
  9. State Complexity of NFA to DFA Conversion for Subregular Language Families
    by Henning Bordihn, Markus Holzer, and Martin Kutrib
  10. On the Synchronized Derivation Depth of Context-Free Grammars
    by Franziska Biegler and Kai Salomaa
  11. State Complexity of Orthogonal Catenation
    by Mark Daley, Michael Domaratzki, and Kai Salomaa
  12. Exact Generation of Acyclic Deterministic Finite Automata
    by Marco Almeida, Nelma Moreira, and Rogerio Reis
  13. Determinism without Determinization
    by Janusz Brzozowski and Nicolae Santean
  14. Computational Completeness of Hybrid Networks of Evolutionary Processors with Seven Nodes
    by Artiom Alhazov, Erzsebet, Csuhaj-Varju, Carlos Martin-Vide, and Yurii Rogozhin


  • On the Descriptional Complexity of Path Optimization in Graphs
    by Andras Farago
  • On The Trade-off Between Ambiguity and Measures in Internal Contextual Grammars
    by K. Lakshmanan, M. Anand, and Kamala Krithivasan
  • Equivalent Transformation of Minimal Finite Automata over a Two- Letter Alphabet
    by Akihiro Matsuura and Yusuke Saito

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